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Assessment Types

The assessment is a snapshot in time and includes a (self) assessment tool, and culminates with a feedback session from a certified Emotional Intelligence coach. 

The MHS Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0) is used with three reports available for the client. 

  • Workplace - $270 

    • The Workplace Report will help you have greater insight about yourself and your emotional health. In conjunction with the feedback session, you will have strategies for improvement to be the best you! 

  • Leadership - $310 

    • The Leadership Report will provide you with a leadership lens through which to view your EQ-i 2.0 results. 4 Competencies required of most leaders will be focused upon, to ensure optimal functioning in those areas. 

  • 360 -- Workplace - $400, Leadership - $480

    • The 360 report is used in leadership development to help the client confirm or challenge their self-perceived strengths or weaknesses that impact performance. In conjunction with the feedback session, the coach will help you target areas of greatest leverage to optimize leadership potential and performance. 

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